Asphalt roof shingles are the most popular roofing material used on homes across North America, and with good reason. They are designed to protect a home through decades of weathering with minimal upkeep, and are available in hundreds of colors and styles making them an attractive option for professional roofing contractors to offer to their customers. And while getting a new roof is by no means an inexpensive project, asphalt shingles are among the most affordable options available. That being said there are multiple kinds of asphalt shingles on the market. Organic being one of them but there's some confusion about organic shingles. Some people think they're green, environmentally friendly or made from organic material. That's not the case -- it's just clever marketing. When it comes to shingles, organic means non-synthetic.Organic shingles are regular asphalt shingles -- the same petroleum-based shingles that have been on the market for decades. The reason asphalt shingles are now being called organic is because there's a new kid on the block: fibreglass shingles.Most organic shingles have a layer of non-synthetic materials underneath the asphalt and granules, usually recycled newspaper and cardboard. Fibreglass shingles have a layer of synthetic material -- glass fibre. Organic and fibreglass shingles look the same. They're both made from asphalt and granules. They're installed exactly the same way too. But the layer of glass fibre makes fibreglass shingles absorb less moisture and be more resistant to heat, which increases their durability in warm climate. There are plenty of different shingle products out there. Most homeowners choose based on their budget. But like everything else, you get what you pay for. If you are about to invest in a new roof and don't know what roofing material best suits your needs and budget call, email or click request a free estimate and we would gladly help you make the right choices.

Limited Life Time Roofing systems

The Limited Lifetime Warranty has become an industry standard term for asphalt roofing shingles. Shingles manufactured in the past were warrantied for a specified number of years, such as a 30-year shingle. Limited Lifetime Warranty usually refers to the manufacturers warranty on defective shingles. Each shingle company prorates the settlement pay out, based on the age of the shingles at the time of the claim, on any defective shingles. By fallowing the manufactured installation and use of their products can will insure you are getting the Best warranty for your investment. Book a Free Estimate to learn more.

Roof repairs

Your roof is an essential part of your home's exterior. Even the slightest damage should be addressed as soon as possible—that's where we come in. Rycon Roofing Has been performing residential roof repairs in Hamilton Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and surrounding areas since 2013.

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify roof leaks. Our team will find the leakage in your roof and fix it. At Rycon Roofing, we want to help when no one else will. Dont wast any time Book a free Estimate today.

Roof Flashing

There are almost as many types of roof flashing as there are parts of the roof! After all, each roof feature needs protection. These are the key types of roof flashing you need to understand:

  • Continuous flashing: Continuous flashing is also called “apron flashing” because it acts a lot like an apron. It’s a long, single piece of metal that carries water down to the shingles below. Long pieces of continuous flashing will have trouble flexing as the home expands and contracts in the changing seasons. If left as is, it could break or warp and fail to keep water out. Therefore, long pieces have built-in expansion joints so they can move with the home.

  • Base flashing: Some roof features, such as chimneys, require two pieces of flashing. This ensures that rain always meets a flashing surface that directs it downwards. Plus, it is notoriously tough to install flashing around a chimney. There is another benefit to two-part flashing: When the roof materials naturally expand and contract with weather changes, the two pieces can move, so the whole system stays secure. The base flashing (or apron flashing) is the bottom piece.

  • Counter-flashing: Placed opposite to base flashing, or above base flashing, counter-flashing completes the two-part team.

  • Step flashing: Step flashing is a rectangular piece of flashing bent 90 degrees in the centre. It is used for roof to wall flashing. Multiple pieces of the flashing will be installed in layers with shingles to ensure the water flows away from the wall. Learn how to install it below.

If you see or feel leaks around your chimney, or notice that your ceiling has water stains, you may need to replace the flashing on your chimney or in other areas. Call , email or book a free roof inspection with Rycon Roofing today.

At Rycon Roofing we specialize in custom bend aluminum, steel, copper and more. All our Roof Flashing is custom bent on site to insure the perfect fit. Here at Rycon Roofing we have water diversion and weather proofing down to a science. We also offer a full range of customer bent flashings for your home. Soffit/Fascia, Eavestrough, Window and Door Capping and just about anything you need to give your home the finishing curb appeal well adding value and protection at the same time. So dont be shy call, email, or book a fee Eastimeat today

Roof Inspections

Our Roof Inspection Checklist will teach you how to spot early warning signs that you may need to repair or replace your home's roof. All our roof inspections are free and come with a Detailed estimate along with photos of any wear , damage or any other red flags that come up during inspection. Call, email or book a free roof inspection today.

Roofing Insurance claim

Finding out that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired can be troubling for many homeowners. Dealing with insurance claims, talking to adjusters and making sure you get reimbursed for all covered damages is a daunting process. Many homeowners are simply unsure about how to file a claim, where the process can be problematic, what types of documentation they need, or what to expect. Here at Rycon Roofing We make insurance claims easy. For more info book a free Estimate and we would be glad to assist you throw the process.