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Attic ventilation can make a tremendous difference to the comfort level in the entire home.

Proper attic ventilation facilitates the continual inflow of cool air from the outside into the attic along with the outflow of hot, stagnant from the attic. This ongoing exchange of hot and cold air can make a tremendous difference to the comfort level in the entire home, while lowering energy costs.

Benefits of Solar Powered Attic Vent in Summer

During the summer, it actively removes the hot, stagnant air from the attic while allowing the cooler outer air to enter, reducing the indoor temperature considerably. In the process, it also lowers the surface temperature of the attic flooring and prevents the hot air from seeping through to the living area. The result – a cooler, more pleasant environment throughout the home, with significant savings on your energy bills and a lesser load on your air conditioner.

The benefits of attic ventilation go beyond just enhancing the comfort levels in the home. Over an extended period of time, excessive heat and persistent moisture can cause considerable damage to the roofing and insulation. The most significant benefit of attic ventilation is that it offers the roof and ceiling much-needed protection against heat and moisture, helping preserve their structural integrity.